Barack Obama has just broken the law again by paying 400 million dollars in ransom to Iran for the release of four American citizens illegally imprisoned. The law against using American money to ransom prisoners or captives is clear, which is why Obama had to send American dollars to Switzerland where they were changed into bags of Swiss francs and euros, and flown in an unmarked plane to Iran. Not content with illegal money laundering, he brushed aside the clear and long standing American government policy of not paying ransom, a policy that recognizes that paying ransom for captives only invites more imprisoning of innocent Americans, as witnessed by Iran arresting two other American citizens just hours after the bags of untraceable cash was handed over. Obama cares nothing for the law or for the United States. His actions over the length of his entire time in office in regard to Iran are unlawful and treasonous. Yet he stands above it all, smiling coolly and telling us, in this latest unlawful incident, that it was not ransom at all, just a coincidental settlement of a longstanding dispute dating back to 1979. He doesn’t care that we know it is a lie, he knows the lapdog media will cover for him no matter what he does, no matter how treasonous, unlawful or dangerous.

It sickens me to think how far we’ve fallen
A president who cares not for the law
A president whose aim is to destroy us
A president with hatred red and raw
For everything this country stood and stands for
A man from whom the worst is yet to come
He has five months to finish what he started
Which is to put us under Islam’s thumb
Consider his advisers since beginning
Red diaper babies each and every one
His Muslim father a Red Kenyan commie
Allegiance to this country he has none
And yet there is no outcry ‘bout this ransom
Dem voters yawn and shrug and say it’s fine
While others shrug and murmur what’s the difference
It’s just another step in our decline

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