Recount Time

Jill Stein, Green Party nominee for president, has been joined by the Hillary Clinton campaign in asking for a recount of the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. It is clear Stein is a stalking horse for Clinton and the radicals in the Democratic Party who want to turn the United States into a banana republic. No recount will overturn the votes in Michigan and Pennsylvania to give Hillary 270 electoral votes, so the reason for the recount is clear: send the election into the House and Senate when the recount delays those three States from certifying the results before 13 December, in which case Trump will not have 270 votes when the Electoral College meets on 19 December. The Republicans control the House and Senate so they will doubtless vote for Trump, but if that happens, and the precedent has been set, then no president will ever again be elected by the people unless his party also controls the House. And maybe, just maybe, Hillary can win this in the House, despite the odds against. One State, one vote. Would a Soros billion be enough to persuade the persuadable?

Jill needs some jack to climb the hill
And Hill needs time for her to kill
The vote denying her the prize
That shone so brightly in her eyes
Unjustly taken by the rubes
That sent her reeling down the tubes
Hill cries Delay! All will be well!
And we’ll survive election hell
A Clinton never knows defeat
A Clinton never will retreat
We’ll win this thing by hook or crook
Just give those votes another look
And maybe money can’t buy love
But cash and favors just might shove
A GOPer to change sides
I love these roller coaster rides
And on the day I take the oath
Back to the White House for us both
And when I raise my clenched right hand
I’ll tell you all to go pound sand

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