Donald Trump heads the revolution against the Washington establishment, but he did not create the revolution, the revolution created him. For there to be a revolution there must first be a movement, and the movement must then find a leader or create one. The anti-establishment Tea Party movement was crushed by the Republican Washington establishment, forcing the Tea Party and its supporters to look elsewhere for leaders, and they found that leader in Donald Trump. The descendants of the people who built this country were faced with having their country taken from them by the Democrat and Republican establishment and given to people who had no part in its history or construction, and the finally aroused people elected Donald Trump and are marching on Washington with torches and pitchforks, determined to keep their country by pitching the establishment in the Potomac.

The people with the pitchforks claim
Corruption is thy middle name
To be burnt out by torch and flame
The Republic thus restored
We have our man, his name is Trump
And into baskets heads will thump
The bodies to the city dump
And death thy cold reward
The people with the pitchforks know
That slime filled swamps with offal flow
If not cut down will only grow
And now it’s to the sword

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