Republican Debates

Lindsay Graham, polling at minus zero, has packed it in, leaving only one hundred and forty two candidates standing on the crowded stage, though there is only one headliner, one spotlight, and one curtain call. Do we really need more debates?

Oh the RNC says you and me
Should see some more debates
Where guys with polls just full of holes
Lip tangle with the fates
And hope the mike will lightning strike
And fighting words emerge
A stirring call that thrills the hall
And gets a one point surge
Oh the GOP says can’t they see
That if it’s Trump they choose
We’ll lose the prize, it’s just not wise
To vote for Trump and Cruz
The voters say out of the way
We’re tired of guys like you
Guys who declare that it’s just fair
To let the Lefties do
Whatever they might do or say
So long’s we get our share
Along we play most every day
And well why should you care?
The people speak from week to week
Poll numbers tell the tale
That weekly bump for Donald Trump
Just drives Reince Priebus pale

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