Along For The Ride

When little Barack Hussein Obama entered into first grade his declared religion was Muslim. But do we know for certain whether that religion was Sunni or Shia? Certainly his loving embrace of Iran would seem to indicate he considers himself a Shi’ite, but then he bowed to the Sunni Saudi king, so his religious and political affiliation may still be in question. This ambivalence may explain why President Obama has decided he was just along for the ride.

He’s spent his full term by the side of the road
Hitchhiking, his thumb in the air
Alone in the world like a latter day Joad
The Grapes Of Wrath heavy to bear
The Kenworth slows down, air brakes hiss, it’s his ride
Obama climbs into the cab
And only then sees there is no one inside
Just him and a dog, a big Lab
Who smiles and says okay Bud where to today
Obama says you can decide
I care not at all, please just take me away
I feel like my world has just died
I’m torn by the sight of these religious folks
My brothers in case you don’t know
I want to say friends can I buy you all cokes
And turn it all over to Joe
The dog said a Kenworth can make your hurt less
But know, friend, it’s useless to hide
I know, said Obama, the world is a mess
That’s why I’m along for the ride

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