Retreat Hell, We Just Got Here

President Obama has led the retreat and surrender of the United States, along with his Democrat colleagues and establishment Republicans who enable them. In didn’t used to be that way, and it is still possible to get back to where we were before the country was saddled with anti-American Progressive Democrats and Barack Obama. In WW1, as a US Marine battalion arrived at the front, a French officer told them to retreat, whereupon the Marine commander said, “Retreat hell, we just got here!” An army in retreat is difficult to get turned around, and so is a country in retreat. That small portion of the American public who are paying attention understands this, understands that the Republican establishment has bought into the Democrat policy of retreat and surrender, and that is why they are rejecting such as Jeb Bush and other establishment types and are going for outsiders like Donald Trump, who will be, in the absence of calamitous events, the next president of the United States.

We win all the of battles, to the Democrats’ dismay
Who hate the very thought of victory
Convinced posterity will see theirs as the sainted way
With our defeat their valedictory
The time has come to take command, no time for sitting still
Good sturdy yeomen leave their homes and kin
To take up arms to rid the land of those who wish us ill
And once again to fight and fight to win
It can be done, we have the will, if patriots arise
And fill the tumbrels to the very top
And take them to the scaffolds with black blindfolds on their eyes
And when we’ve hanged them all this stuff will stop

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