The Backward Flow Of Time

It is generally accepted that time flows in a forward direction, an acceptance that is a construct of our perceptions. But for many thousands of years man thought that the sun revolved around the Earth, for that is what it appeared to do. We now accept that the Earth revolves around the sun, even though appearances have not changed. The sun still rises in the East and sets in the West, just as before. Why is it not entirely possible that our perception of time is incorrect, just as the earlier perception of the sun circling the Earth has been shown to be incorrect? For all we know, time may well be flowing backward, not forward, or even not flowing at all. The dreaming brain has no perception of time, calling up events and faces from what we perceive as the past. Do newborn babies dream, and if so, of what do they dream? And how is it a five year old has as many memories as a fifty year old? Is entropy running forward or backwards? Or maybe not running at all?

Flow backward, O Time In Thy Flyte
And maketh the dawn follow night
The rolling stone gathers no moss
The burning coal suffers no loss
Impermanence triumphs it seems
For are we not young in our dreams?
Dreamed faces that often appear
Suggest that those gone are still here
Why should we believe that time flows
On pace with the blossoming rose?
The rivers, like time, do not know
Or care which direction they flow
Time’s arrow cares not that it’s flight
Has dawn coming first or the night
Time is but perception, and we
Know not what it is that we see

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