Ride A White Swan

Today is the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The new president will attempt to undo the damage done by the previous president, who has shown, by his every action, that he believed implicitly that the United States was evil, and needed to be weakened in order to protect the rest of the world from us. In the early 70s, T-rex released a hit song called Ride A White Swan. We all know that during President Trump’s eight years in office he will be faced with a black swan or two, but we rather imagine he will handle them with intelligence, competence and dispatch.

The swan glides smoothly and with grace
Upon the mirrored lake
And carries he from place to place
Whomever fate will take
And thrust him fierce into the fray
The placid waters foamed
Upon which coal black swans will play
Their feathers sleek and combed
The placid lake turns flaming red
As crisis fills the air
And ghostly figures of the dead
Cry out in black despair
It’s then that leaders earn their name
For every moment counts
The outcome will be flame or fame
So from his swan dismounts
To slay the coal black feathered beast
His shield and armor don
And with the beast now dead, deceased
Returns to his white swan
The country saved, the people weep
For joy, for they know when
Out on the lake the swans all sleep
The country’s great again

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