Stained Glass

A few weeks ago, before Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the political leadership of the Cathedral of Information and Assassination, the CIA, made public an entirely false hit piece that portrayed then president-elect Trump as a sex maniac and stooge of the Russians, subject to blackmail. The attempted political assassination failed in its attempt to destroy the president-elect when the complete falsity of the document became instantly apparent. A cathedral still, but the glass is stained. However, the attempted political assassination served its purpose, which was to serve notice that it is the CIA that rules, not the president. What President Trump will do about this attempted political assassination, now that he has the power, will surely be swift and certain.

The Cathedral sits on hallowed ground
In Langley close to Heaven
And from the choir comes the sound
Of Matins at eleven
Intelligence or so the claims
The truth is what they pray
As sunlight through the stained glass frames
The goddess Leucothae
But politics has entered church
Directors bend to winds
As high above the pigeons perch
As punishment for sins

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