Rue The Day

Will white women vote for Obama again in 2012? Do they still lust for the cool, handsome black man? Do they tingle in their dreams? We don’t know. If they do he will likely be re-elected, to the destruction of the country, his goal from day one. One cannot be life long friends with America haters like Bill Ayers and the reverend Wright, one cannot have been brought up by a communist mother and communist father without being influenced by those views. Would Ronald Reagan put a picture of Mao, the communist ruler of China who murdered more than fifty million of his own citizens on the White House Christmas tree? Would John Kennedy, or any other American president? Obama is a danger to the country and our democratic way of life. We can only hope white American women remember they are Americans first and women second.



What can I say

We all rue the day

White ladies elected Obama

So cool and so young

His praises they sung

They wanted to be his sweet mama

The times they are bad

It’s we who’ve been had

Obama’s a flailing non-starter

His speeches sound nice

But we pay the price

For electing a worse Jimmah Carter


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