Capitalism has acquired a bad name among the ruling leftist elites who run our country and dictate what we see in the movies and on television and what we read in the newspapers. So much so that, as the Obama administration has made clear, the days of capitalism are numbered, and the country will very soon be counted in the socialist camp. Obama has already taken over the country’s largest auto maker, the country’s largest bank and the country’s largest insurance company. Are collective farms far behind? Capitalism is the engine that made this country the greatest wealth producing country for all its citizens the world has ever seen. But let’s let Capitalism tell the story.



I once created many jobs

I worked at them myself

But now the caring and elites

Have put me on the shelf

Where once I made the factories hum

Creating the good life

We’re now in socialism’s grip

Where bureaucrats run rife

With regulations now imposed

On everything in sight

The jobs are gone and so am I

Into that left wing night

A night of anguish, tears and loss

That will not see a dawn

I had my day and it was bright

But now that day is gone


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