Running Up The Score

Donald Trump is getting so much air time on the major cable and broadcast networks that none of the other Republican candidates can breathe, so much air is The Donald sucking out of the building, never mind the room. Huge, cheering crowds, huge television audiences, all to hear him say, in an entertaining way, what he has said before, that he will build a wall and that all illegal immigrants in the country will be sent home, a sure fire sign that the plank owners of the country want illegals to be stopped coming over the border in chartered bus convoys. Trump has found the message that will get him elected, and this has led to hand-wringing among Republican establishment types who just want to go along to get along. But the fire has been lit, it is getting plenty of oxygen to support combustion, and it will not burn out until it consumes all the fuel. It may be we are about to get our country back, not from the illegals but from the radical Left who wish to destroy what we have been in order to take us to a utopian leftist paradise like they have in Zimbabwe, with they, the Left, in power forever.

A vacuum is something abhorred
By nature or so it is said
But not when the voters are bored
And tired of the old talking head
The vacuum The Donald creates
In which only he fills his lungs
Results in an envy that grates
On the guys stranded on bottom rungs
The Donald has fired the crowd
By telling them truths unalloyed
He’s rude and he’s crude and he’s loud
And gets all the fogies annoyed
The race is now tortoise and hare
The tortoises slow and unsure
Their message falls flat on dead air
No longer will voters endure
The wishy washed words of the pols
Whom no one believes anymore
They try sticking pins into dolls
While Trump laughs and runs up the score

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