Playing The Game

Hillary looks to be in trouble, Joe Biden looks to be getting ready, Obama looks to be moving the pieces around on the big chessboard of his erratic mind. The Obama/Holder/Lynch Justice Department, including the FBI, would not be looking into Hillary’s emails any more than they were interested in Lois Lerner’s IRS emails, so obviously Obama wants Hillary destroyed. But why? The answer is ready to hand, and he has given hints in the recent past by saying if he ran again he would win. And he probably would, given the ultra-sophisticated fraud machine that worked so well in 2012. Obama is playing the game of setting them up and knocking them down in order to be the only one standing, at which point he will say he is reluctantly running for a third term in order to rescue the Democratic Party and to avoid a Constitutional crisis, knowing full well the 22nd Amendment will not be a barrier.

Who’s that in the pillory
Sure looks like old friend Hillary
And golly, here’s a bummer
It looks like girlfriend Hummer
Whose mug shot’s next to Bill’s?
Why little Cheryl Mills
Obama says this stinks
While smiling like the sphinx
The plan is going well
It’s time to weave the spell
The empty sleigh now sits
Beside the turning spits
Where roasting on the coals
The creatures of the polls
Cry water, master, please
As Barack takes his ease
Obama aught sixteen
As all the wolves unseen
Return from whence they came
It’s how you play the game

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