Say Cheers, Piers

Piers Morgan, of CNN, has threatened to leave the US and return to Britain, apparently unhappy the United States has the First and Second Amendments, a threat that drew yawns from the few people who heard about it.  One of the reasons he is here at all is because he was involved in a phone hacking scandal in Britain, and this side of the Atlantic seemed a safer distance from Scotland Yard. CNN has become one of the lowest rated cable news services in the country, and Piers Morgan one of its lowest rated shows. There are many who think CNN’s ratings would dramatically improve if they scrapped the whole lefty news crew and ran old Thin Man movies.  Myrna Loy would be a vast improvement over Piers Morgan.


It appears that our Piers is about to say Cheers

To the land of Amendment the First

He was far from the top of the talking head tiers

And in fact he was one of the worst

And now that the Yard in old Blighty have looked

Into hacking the phones of the snobs

He may soon be arrested and possibly booked

And treated like one of the yobs

At which point he’ll sob, the good life beyond reach

As prison doors slammed shut and clanged

Reflecting had England the right to free speech

Lord Haw Haw would not have been hanged