Schrodinger’s Cat

Quantum physics implies that every particle has a twin, a doppelganger. Reminds me of Professor Schrodinger’s now famous thought experiment of the cat in the box, who was either alive or dead, but how could you know without opening the box?

Mr. Schrodinger! Where’s my cat?
I want to know just where he’s at
I saw him just a while ago
And you have got him, this I know
I hear him sir, he’s in that box
Be kind enough to loose those locks
How can this be, it’s empty now
And yet I clearly hear him meow
Ah there he is, he’s in your yard
I can just see him, looking hard
I’m not quite sure that I should mention
My cat has only one dimension
And there he goes, again he’s gone
He’s now on Mrs. Cratchit’s lawn
I’m leaving, sir, where is my hat
Good lord above, sir, what is that?
Oh no, I’m going in the box!
Please sir, I beg you, not the locks
A doppelgang, that’s what you said?
Good lord what’s wrong now with my head?
I’ve paws and tail, dear lord, but how?
Please let me out, dear God……meow