Searching For The Dolphins

One may, on command, leave his corporeal body and take wing, for howsoever a length of time he may desire, and return at the instant of his leaving, for time is elastic and life is malleable. A summer day, a young man, a high rise on the beach. The calm Atlantic Ocean stretches effortlessly to the curving edge of the Earth and the beginning of the sky. In the distance a rhythmic series of sunlight flashes betrays something on the water. Binoculars, and the flashing sunlight becomes a pod of dolphins broaching the surface, traveling south at speed, the sun bouncing off the droplets of water like tiny diamonds in the rain. As I watch, I wonder where they are going and why they are going there, what they are thinking and what they are saying. I watch them until I can see them no longer, and I close my eyes and wish with all my heart I was with them.

The sea is the entirety of my world
Timeless, without limit, undefined
Salt rivers travel constant in their course
And such as I and others of my kind
Like caravans of old we make our way
To where the boundless rivers deep and wide
Flow swiftly just beneath the surface sea
And carry us with Neptune as our guide
We pass the seacoasts of the world at large
And wonder at the lives of frantic pace
The crowded cities pressing on the verge
And thankful we are free of time and place
We sing because we love the life we live
The waves laugh with us in our joyous dance
Our journey never ends for time is still
Upon the restless sea of sweet romance

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