A Rodent’s Tale

Researchers have developed an anti-aging drug called Rapamicin that in tests has been seen to extend the lives of mice. All well and good for the mice, but wouldn’t outlawing mouse traps be cheaper and just as effective? I spoke to a mouse recently about Rapamicin and he said,

I like the whole idea of extending all our lives
Though I suppose they’ll give it next to rats
I’m cool with that but there’s one thought that tends to give me hives
And that is that they’ll give it too to cats
I’m not afraid of cats but I confess a mild dislike
I’d hate to see them live an extra day
I’ve felt this way about those buggers since I was a tyke
We mice much all prefer the cat’s away
That said I’ve had my shot of Rapamicin and I’m good
I plan on living long and having fun
I’ll keep my distance from the cat and meanwhile knock on wood
I think I’d live much longer with a gun

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