Secession Fears

The results of the Scottish election are in and the Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom, not surprising given that a bit less than fifty percent of all Scottish households are dependent on welfare checks from London. The Scots realized they were better off sucking on the teat, so the threat of secession was ultimately a hollow one. But what happens when the teat finally runs dry, as every socialist teat ultimately must? When the teat runs dry, when things get truly bad, it will be a different story – there will be no more sucking on the teat, as the productive kick the unproductive to the side of the road.

We all got the impression
The coming Scot secession
Would lead to worse as others followed suit
The Basques in Spain would follow
The Normans would leave hollow
A France that shrugged and gave Alsace the boot
A Germany that’s leery
Of Albert Einstein’s theory
That E might equal M times C then squared
Said you can have the Rhineland
For certain it’s not mein land
And anything that threatens makes us scared
In Brussels they were smiling
The Scots the Brits were riling
Whatever happened would not rock the boat
The money would be flowing
Up taxes would be going
The people on the teat would sell their vote
But then the teat ran dry and
The Left began to cry and
Bemoan the fact that some had had enough
The mommy state dismembered
As many still remembered
That when the going’s tough we need be tough
At home up in Seattle
Tin cups begin to rattle
Demanding that the government increase
All handouts in their power
Or yes within the hour
We’ll stamp our feet and give you no more peace
The Texans said We’re good and
We’ll follow General Hood and
We tell you all you lefties make us tarred
We’ll leave you to your fate and
We’ll have our nation state and
A flag that makes us proud though just one starred

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