Storm Clouds

The president is reluctant to use force against all enemies but Republicans. Putin spits in his face and he smiles and insists it’s rain. China claims the entire South China Sea, and Obama smiles and says that’s why it’s called the South China Sea. He bows to Muslim kings and says it’s the Christian thing to do. Maybe he enjoys getting pushed around. Maybe he likes getting beaten up. It isn’t that he needs to have his head examined, it’s that the American people do, for electing a coward, a fraud and a mountebank, not once but twice.

A man of deep reluctance
The president resists
The power of conductance
His office still insists
Resides in he who gathers
Sharp power in his hand
Despite his oft-spoke rathers
That we don’t understand
We’ve heard reluctant giants
Come to a sad, sad end
For all our vaunted science
The wealth we have to spend
Our posture is now foetal
We whimper in our chains
We beg, implore and wheedle
Dishonor but remains
Perhaps the end is nearing
As ending came to Rome
The muffled sounds we’re hearing
Are storm clouds near to home

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