Seven Lean Years

According to a well-known book, the seven lean years should be followed by seven fat years. We shall see. It all depends on who is elected in November of 2016. The Democrats, whoever the nominee, will be formidable, with their built-in plantation and government employee union vote, plus their unrivaled ability to steal elections, while the Republicans lately seem not to nominate someone who gets people excited.

These seven years were one of change
The man in charge is passing strange
He thinks the world he can arrange
His mirror does not lie
We need no men to use blunt force
No planes or ships or tanks of course
He’s cut the pipeline at its source
And now he smiles goodbye
And leaves us with a bloated debt
Our future on his Muslim bet
Bleak times for us we see, and yet
We’ll see if the right guy
Can calm the storms and still the waves
Can call the ghosts from out their graves
To walk the road that freedom paves
And know the reason why
An obligation we don’t shirk
We long for peace but we will work
To seek the enemy who lurk
And make the basta*ds fry

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