The Clockmaker And The Architect

Some say that God is a clockmaker, who set the universe in motion and then gave it no further attention, while others say God is an architect, who drew his plans and built his dream to Divine Specifications, specifications we cannot readily comprehend though fragments have come to our attention. And when the architect finished his work he peopled his building with creatures in His own image, and who, despite His kindness and generosity, seem bent on destroying the building, leaving the architect grumbling and threatening to evict us all.

The God who is maker of clocks
Beheld a void filled with loose rocks
Just sitting in place
And taking up space
So sighing He pulled up His socks
And with a small mischievous grin
He put them in motion to spin
Where first they were lumps
That formed into clumps
And thus did the cosmos begin
The architect in the meanwhile
Said spinning stuff just ain’t His style
He fashioned a sky
All blue and quite high
So lovely it brought forth a smile
Next planets and comets and stars
He said were named Venus and Mars
Then people he made
To join the parade
And then before long there were cars
The fistfights began right away
Then sticks and stones carried the day
Quite soon all the rooms
Were filled with loud booms
All blamed on those darn feet of clay
The architect sighed and he wept
As into the dumpster he swept
His tenants and swore
That never no more
That tenants like these would be kept
The clockmaker laughed and then said
That doing it His way instead
Kept heartaches at bay
Each day a good day
And laughing went straight up to bed

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