Shale We Dance?

The United States is now the world’s largest producer of oil and gas, no thanks to Obama and the whacko environmentalists who tried to stop it. Nevertheless, fracking shale has turned the world upside down, with Russia and Saudi Arabia wondering what happened to them on their way to destroying the United States by bankrupting us with two hundred dollar a barrel oil. I spoke to an environmentalist recently and she stopped driving spikes in trees long enough to give me a withering look.

“You think you’re winning now,” she sneered
“Your fracking and your shale
But you can stuff this in your beard
Your horrid plans will fail
You want to level every tree
Despoil each waterway
But this green world will not be free
Until that wondrous day
That greens like me will truly rule
And you will be in jail
We’ll shut down every mining school
And dig up all the shale
And oil rigs will be all aflame
And nuke plants all destroyed
We’ll round up everyone to blame
And give the unemployed
The job of seeing all of you
Be strung up by the neck
My child will have but nature’s view
From my new redwood deck”
I left her to her furied sneer
Without a backward glance
But in the distance I could hear
Her gentle green earth dance

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