Soothing Salve

Those in Washington who think nuking up Australia and Japan will solve all the problems in the Western Pacific are delusional. In WW2 Japanese destroyers had names like Phosphorescent Foam and Mist Of Flowers. If they do build a Boomer they’ll probably call it Soothing Whispers or something. As for Australia, the Aussies proved themselves fierce fighters, but there’s just too few of them. We can only hope if things blow up they will blow after noon on 20 January 2017. But if the Chinese move they will not move on Australia or Japan. The Chinese military knows there are no roads to Australia, they will have to go by sea if they decide to go, and so they have wisely decided to head north and west instead, for in that direction lies the oil of Russia and the Middle East.

There are no roads
To the antipodes
You cannot drive to Oz
A swell place I hear
With its dinkum beer
And the sheilas wear no bras
In the northern isles
There are no smiles
From Honshu south and north
Will not again
Rise up and sally forth
The Chinese smirk
And get to work
The Gulf oil they will have
While in the West
Our very best
Speak only soothing salve


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