Shiloh It Ain’t

The Democrats are giddy with excitement about the results of the recent Alabama special Senate election, won by a Democrat for the first time in 28 years. But before you get your underwear all twisted up, the Alabama special election was not Shiloh or Cold Harbor. Yes, the country is at political war with itself, but the election between Moore and Jones, taken as an incident in that war, was simply a case of one candidate being accused of dating teen aged girls some forty years ago when he was in his early thirties. No crimes were alleged, no indictments issued, no trial ensued, no evidence presented, no verdict arrived at as to the truth or falsity of the charges. The allegations may very well have been true, and if so it shows Roy Moore was a pre-dater, not a predator. The result had nothing to do with national politics. In 2020 Alabama voters will elect a Republican to the seat now temporarily held by Democrat Doug Jones, and nothing strategically has changed or will change over the next two years because of this election. What IS important about this election is that for the first time, but not the last, a candidate has been defeated by allegations that he behaved inappropriately forty years ago. Not criminally. Inappropriately. The feminist mob is screaming with delight, but this will not end well for the feminists or for the country. Politics is a copy-cat league, and the criminalization of alleged inappropriate behavior has only just begun, and the accusers are in charge of determining what is inappropriate.

Men are men, but let’s be kind
We pat a lass on the behind
She smiles or puts you in your place
By slapping hard your grinning face
Whichever, man, your goose is cooked
If all goes well you’re only booked
But politics? Not on your life
Not even if she was your wife

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