The Road To Brussels Fair

The crossroads beckoned up ahead
The weary traveler stopped
And looked about in fear and dread
Which path should he adopt?
One road led on to Brussels Fair
Bright roses lined the way
The other led to who knows where
What price be there to pay?
He chose the road where roses in
Profusion did proclaim
Bad weather never closes in
And one wins every game
And so it was for many miles
Bright skies and weather fair
While in the distance Brussels smiles
And becks the traveler there
A gleaming city on a hill
Aglow with golden light
He bade his racing heart be still
And walked on through the night
Oh at first ‘twas as desired
On the carousel, content
Even unemployed were hired
And the city paid the rent
But the wine soon left the fountains
Some folks worked while others played
And the debt grew high as mountains
And the city grew afraid
As the leaders wept and dithered
While great fissures were laid bare
And the roses died and withered
On the road to Brussels Fair

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