Shovel Ready

President Obama, upon taking office in 2009, spent a trillion dollars on what he called shovel ready jobs. Now, over six years later, the country is shovel ready, and the liberal Democrat designers of the approaching catastrophe lay in bed, wide awake, hearing noises they were taking some pains to identify; workplace violence, lone wolves, justifiably inflamed, white supremacists, the religion of peace, unlimited Muslim immigration, increasingly alarmed as the strange noise grew louder. In the dark, in the sudden silence, came the sound of a shovel digging into the earth, louder now, coming from the basement. Thhukk shwoof, thhukk shwoof. They closed their eyes and lay quietly, in the dark, knowing that soon the grave would be finished.

Almost finished, a low voice said
Six feet and all is well
The infidels will soon be dead
And burning hard in hell
Who would have thought, the other mused
How easy we would win
They resist not, supine, confused
And filled with doubt, chagrin
So saying, shovels lifted high
They hurried up the stair
The end of history was nigh
And all in Allah’s care

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