The White Male

It is all very well to look beyond the present and predict some future collapse of liberalism, but that future collapse will occur in the midst of violence. Already we see signs of white males getting pissed, and when white males stop genuflecting before the feminists and race hustlers and grab their guns, it will not be pretty for those who thought they could spit on and stomp on white males forever with assured impunity. Take down the Confederate flag? The singing and dancing crowd watching the flag being lowered will be met by grim faced white males who have other ideas.

They spit on and stomped on the gentle white male
Erecting a fraud in his place
They thought him a redneck and destined to fail
And told him so right to his face
He took it declining to venture a blow
But looked on with growing dislike
For the hustlers of race who most surely did know
That their hatred of whites filled the dike
To the overflow line and that something would give
And the white male would rise to the bait
And begin a campaign to restore how they live
And be stomped in the ground by the State
But the white male aroused is a terrible foe
When he grabs for his armor and shield
And he sharpens his sword and begins to deal woe
For the white male is never to yield

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