Silver Bullets, Wooden Stakes

The election is over, and the Republicans swept the field, winning seven Senate seats to take the majority, with another two up for grabs, along with a sizeable number of new governors and representatives. In all it was a stinging refusal of the American voting public to have any more of the Marxist government of Barack Obama and his coterie of female Stalinists. We came very close to losing our country, and perhaps the near-death experience will bode well for the future. But as has been said elsewhere, the Left is always with us, the Left never sleeps. And neither should we.

The victor cannot rest his shield
Upon his laurels won
The leftist monster will not yield
Our work is never done
A silver bullet to the head
Through heart a wooden stake
And even so it won’t be dead
It’s thirst for blood won’t slake
Relax your guard and it will rise
A monster from the grave
Imposing on us paradise
They master and we slave

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