Culture Trumps Politics

The outcome of today’s midterm elections has little bearing on the current course of national politics and policy, for the culture is now quite possibly irredeemably and unchangeably Left. Conservatives can be elected, but they cannot govern conservatively in defiance of the culture. People want their checks, they want their government programs. To change the current leftist culture that took many decades of hard work by the Left to put in place, will take an equal number of decades and hard work by the conservatives to undo. Conservatives have to recapture the institutions; the schools, the media, the entertainment industry, the churches. It will be a long, tough slog, and we might as well start now, with this election, knowing that few of us, if any, will be around to see the country again the light of the world.

The Dems have changed the eagle to a vulture
They’ve changed the country’s ethos and the culture
From what was once a fierce held independence
To one where slavery has gained ascendance
From free men to their helot filled plantations
Where all must live in their allotted stations
Dependent on their government assistance
A leftist world permitting no resistance
The leftist culture has its red professors
Who play the part of lefty thought confessors
Their open borders bring in third world millions
Whose votes are then redeemed for many trillions
In taxes levied on the most productive
A policy the Left finds most seductive
We must combat this perverse leftist culture
Restore the eagle and destroy the vulture

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