So Quiet Fall The Tears

A reading of history reveals that freedom, culture and the passage of the centuries are as elusive as slowly moving shadows upon the endless desert. Empires rise, only to disappear into the mist of time, lost to memory, as if its people and glory had never been. Disappearance without a trace is our fate, but why? And when?

It is always demographics
And the demagogue still traffics
In the blather and insanity of tripe
Asking questions, seeking answers
To the reasons for the cancers
That bedevil him and others of his type
Yet the answers are before us
Though they often tend to bore us
So we seldom pay attention to the truth
Strong democracies can weaken
When we cannot see the beacon
That is flashing right above the voting booth
It’s the people who will kill us
Changing politics will fill us
With the dread of losing all that has been built
As the leftist saturation
Turns the younger generation
Into haters all consumed by white man’s guilt
So they’ll vote to turn us over
Place us in that leftist clover
Starting mid-terms when they vote the leftists in
House impeaches, Senate votes sit
Quiet ‘til the final throat’s slit
And to history we’re just a might have been
It will happen if we let it
If too many just don’t get it
We must fight the left right now as mid-terms nears
Fight them in the streets and alleys
Fight with money, guts and rallies
If we fail then oh so quiet fall the tears