The Puppet Master

It seems obvious, given the evidence, that the failed attempt by the willing puppets in the Obama Justice Department and Intelligence Agencies to prevent Donald Trump winning the election, was planned, orchestrated and directed by President Obama, secure in the belief that a guaranteed Hillary victory would cover all tracks. But Mr. Trump won despite all odds, and the attempt to deny victory became a bloodless coup attempt designed to remove President Trump from office, an attempt that has failed and the perps will soon be wearing cuffs. But why would Obama allow a failed attempt to deny victory morph into a criminal coup attempt? The answer may be contained in Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father.

When the night descends and the laughter ends
In the crowded music hall
And the cheering crowd chants your name out loud
As you take your curtain call
When you try to hide all the fear inside
As the emails come unsealed
And you recognize that your troubled sighs
Mean the truth has been revealed
And your puppets bold now the truth be told
Tried and failed the bloodless coup
And for doing wrong they now sing their song
And they blame it all on you
You were president, White House resident
But you wanted more it seems
You’d complete the quest to destroy the west
And attain your father’s dreams