Stayin’ Alive

Hillary Clinton is recovering nicely from a fall, and may or may not be well enough to testify before Congress about the now almost four month old Benghazi consulate killings. But she was well enough to testify until very recently, and did not do so. Why? The whole purpose of stonewalling the Congress on testifying about Benghazi is stayin’ alive for 2016. In the meantime, what was it about the Benghazi consulate that the entire Obama administration lied about it for months? Was it, as one little slip of the tongue might indicate, a secret CIA prison? A secret prison where rough interrogation took place? If so, and I believe that it was, then even after being safely re-elected Obama cannot risk enraging his far Left base. And Hillary can’t tell even now because she wants to be president and she can’t get the nomination without the far Left base. Will we ever know what happened and why? Only if the country elects a Republican president and Congress, so the answer is, no we will never know.


Mrs. Clinton thinks Benghazi

Rhymes with simple words like hazy

Because hazy is her memory of events

Yes it happened on her watch so

The mere fact it was a botch no

Blame can be placed on her fair head or on the gents

Who while under her direction

Undertook with circumspection

To be guileless as a baby’s dreams in bed

With results that were most tragic

But the press through lefty magic

Has erased the memory that four guys are dead

A concussion is the cause she

Cannot testify a pause she

Thinks will get her off the hook on 20 Jan

In addition a bad cough is

Bound to last till she leaves office

To begin her campaign where last time she ran

Yes the Clinton wheels are spinning

This is only the beginning

For when Bubba gets involved he’ll give ‘em hell

But they can’t count out Obama

Who has promised his sweet mama

That the next prez of the US is Michelle