Staying Alive

Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Druse in Lebanon, has switched sides, and now supports Hezbollah and Syria, notwithstanding the Syrians murdered his father, and notwithstanding he has been fighting Syria and Hezbollah ever since. Some in the West have accused him of cowardice and worse, but Jumblatt knows which way the wind is blowing in Lebanon, where the United States of Barack Obama has abandoned the people who want democracy and consigned them to the tender mercies of Syria. Jumblatt just wants to stay alive.



Just staying alive

I’m breathing still

I see the sun

I climb the hill

I do what’s right

For me and kin

I pick the side

That looks to win

I disavow

The Munich curse

I had a choice

But which was worse

To get behind

The strongest horse

Or fight and die

Without remorse

I chose to live

I’ve paid my way

And live to fight

Another day


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