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The World Today

The news continues bad. Assad continues to kill his own civilians who dare to question his right to rule, the Turks and French discuss creating a corridor in Syria as sanctuary, the army is now in charge in Egypt, Donald Trump demands we take Libyan oil for ourselves, Belgium’s credit rating is cut, the Germans say help is on the way, Italy offers bonds for sale but finds no buyers, and the Dow looks a lot like 1932. And that was just today.



The world today is in a time

When things unsettled start to rhyme

Assad in Syria still stands

The blood of martyrs on his hands

The Turks and French are thick as thieves

And making plans for when he leaves

A corridor they’ll put in place

So he can exit with some grace

In Egypt now the Arab Spring

Is showing what such hopes can bring

A Field Marshal is now in charge

In doorman’s uniform, size large

Even Donald wants those oils

For to the victor goes the spoils

And now poor Belgium’s rating’s cut

While Brussels sneers and says tut tut

And Deutsche Welle says don’t fear

For Steiner’s coming mit ein Heer

Italian bonds are now sky high

And café loungers wonder why

The Dow is down as concerns grew

That things look bad as ‘32

And so it goes and so it went

As now we pause in our lament

To wish the Old World bon voyage

As blood and money needs triage

The euro socialism’s dream

Now back to mark and then centime

Oh yes the world is in a time

When everything begins to rhyme


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Playing With Fire

The muslims continue to play with fire. Iran has announced it was ready to test a nuclear device. Turkey says it will ship arms to the Palestinians in Gaza and defies Israel to stop them. Assad sends armed civilians to storm the fences at the Israeli border, causing the Israeli to open fire, all to inflame the likes of the New York Times, which is anti-Israel to begin with. And so the Arabs and Iranians continue to poke sticks in the eyes of the West and Israel, knowing that for the moment at least it is quite safe to do. But it will not always be quite so safe. There always comes a time when a stick in the eye is finally responded to, and when the response comes it will be more than a stick in a muslim eye. It will be a stake in the muslim heart. And they do not seem to understand that playing with fire is dangerous.



The child is told that fire burns

The lesson stressed until he learns

But some kids never get it right

They’re drawn to flame, the burning light

They play with fire, it’s a game

And if they lose it’s all the same

There are kids living on our block

Who play the game around the clock

Assad for one, the mullahs too

Who poke their sticks, annoy the Jew

They strut and shout they’ll kill us all

And turn life to a darkened pall

We tell them we want only peace

We tell them that their games must cease

But they do not, and so they’ll learn

That games with fire means they’ll burn



Opthalmology 101

Assad the son, ruler of the failed state of Syria, a doctor of ophthalmology, ruthlessly stamps out dissent, all the while dreaming grand dreams of a greater Syria destroying the vile little state of Israel. You would think an eye doctor would know when his eyes were bigger than his army has a stomach for.



The eye man sits me in a chair

And says what do you see

I squint and squirm and then I stare

Then say I see an E

He smiles and says it looks like one

It really is a U

And while clear vision you have none

You’re good to kill a Jew

They sent me to the Golan Heights

And told me to be still

Israeli creep up in the nights

And try to take our hill

While in Damascus Assad sits

And dreams of conquest grand

Of screaming jets and tank led blitz

All going well as planned

At dawn we marched right down the hill

So proud to be at war

Israeli lines seemed oh so still

We’ve seen this all before

And then a flash, a roar, a blast

As bombs and bullets fly

I shout and run, the die is cast

Our missiles fill the sky

Then brighter than the brightest sun

The flash, then mushroom clouds

And when they settled it was done

They’d stilled the cheering crowds

I stumbled home to dead Assad

To rubbled burnt out towns

Damascus gone as well Riyadh

No more the Arab crowns

Teheran now gone and in its wake

The Turk sweeps up the prize

All gone, all gone for Assad’s sake

He should have stuck to eyes


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Staying Alive

Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Druse in Lebanon, has switched sides, and now supports Hezbollah and Syria, notwithstanding the Syrians murdered his father, and notwithstanding he has been fighting Syria and Hezbollah ever since. Some in the West have accused him of cowardice and worse, but Jumblatt knows which way the wind is blowing in Lebanon, where the United States of Barack Obama has abandoned the people who want democracy and consigned them to the tender mercies of Syria. Jumblatt just wants to stay alive.



Just staying alive

I’m breathing still

I see the sun

I climb the hill

I do what’s right

For me and kin

I pick the side

That looks to win

I disavow

The Munich curse

I had a choice

But which was worse

To get behind

The strongest horse

Or fight and die

Without remorse

I chose to live

I’ve paid my way

And live to fight

Another day


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