Stormin’ Norman

Embassies in Cairo and Benghazi stormed, the American ambassador to Libya and three staff members murdered, mobs chanting Death to America and burning the flag, celebrating their glorious victory of 11 September 2001. And of course Obama and the Democrats blame the violence on Romney. Just can’t trust them Mormons. Somebody needs to teach these Muslim adherents of the religion of peace a lesson, and who better than Stormin’ Norman. One armored division ought to do it. Or maybe just the Kentucky National Guard.


Let us give them Stormin’ Norman

I don’t know if he’s a Mormon

But he’s just the man to put the ME right

Tell the camel humpers lookit

Here we come and you can book it

If you wannna fight we’re giving you a fight

You will learn to call us “Meester”

As a bullet up your kiester

Says you’ll get more if you say so much as Boo

Now we hope this little lesson

Shows you you should not be messin

With the guys who wear the old Red, White and Blue


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