Apologies R Us

When the adherents of the religion of peace attacked sovereign United States territory in the person of our embassies, the State Department issued an apology, begging forgiveness for the actions of an obscure American citizen who made an amateur movie in which Mohammed, the pedophile, was portrayed in an unflattering manner, thus causing the burning of the embassies and the ambush murders of our ambassador and four of his aides. The lapdog media of course spent all day lambasting Mitt Romney for the outrage of telling the truth, that we should not have apologized. Bu in the Obama administration, which began with an abject apology for America’s evil role in the world in Cairo in 2009, apologies r us.


Obama thinks it’s all our fault

He thinks it’s time for us to halt

The way some speak of Muslims and their kind

He thinks a smile will bring us love

He thinks a shining snow white dove

Will in his hands bring peace and ties that bind

He thinks a bogus Nobel prize

Makes him a man who’s oh so wise

And all the rest of us a bunch of boobs

Who question why he does such things

As bow to stinking Arab kings

And smirk and smile while we go down the tubes

The mirror tells him he’s the best

The prettiest of all the rest

Of us who think our embassies are ours

And when our flag is in the dirt

We want to wave the bloody shirt

And get the bombers there in two short hours

We’re tired of these apologies

To guys who use technologies

Invented by their betters to do harm

They have to know that we won’t fail

To teach them when they twist our tail

That each and every bastard’s bought the farm


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