Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By every measure the country has crossed the mountain and is now on the downside, the inevitable end of every society that gives stupid people the vote. Stupid people are defined as those who pay no attention to what is going on until the day before election and then vote for the guy who promises the most lollipops. When the stupid people find out they can gain access to the public treasury, that is, other peoples’ money, just by voting for people who will give them other peoples’ money, the end is not far off. That is where we are now. The Mommy State cannot long survive without a Daddy, and we have killed Daddy.



The King can be a stupid man

An Emperor mean or pleasant

But he has power which is more

Than has the average peasant

Democracy, as we’ve observed

Sits peasants in the tower

Where bell curve says the mean IQ

Has stupid now in power

Elections then become a test

Of which of them’s the denser

And who can promise best to be

The lollipop dispenser

It works so long as those in charge

Engage someone in training

To tell the dunces now and then

To come in when it’s raining

Giving votes to one and all

Regardless of their tempers

Inevitably leads right back

To those darn Kings and Emp’rers


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