A Rabble In Arms

President Obama, egged on by Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton, took sides in the Libyan civil war and ordered air strikes on Khaddafi’s forces, declaring Khaddafi must go, but only if he wanted to, because we’re not going to make him go. We’re there to prevent civilian casualties in the war, and that’s all. So now that Obama has pulled out all combat air assets, thus leaving the rebels completely at the mercy of Khaddafi, where does that leave the rabble that comprises the rebel army? Just today Khadaffi announced he was interested in ending the war and had accepted a roadmap to peace. Of course he is interested in ending the war, but on his terms. And of course the roadmap to peace is the coast road down which his army rolls, unhindered by NATO or anyone else. The hyperpower boldly stepped into someone’s civil war and then promptly declared victory and stepped out again. It almost looks as if the hyperpower knows not what the heck it’s doing, doesn’t it?



A rabble in arms, is what the Brits said

As farmers marched musket in hand

Then marched back from Concord carrying their dead

At the hands of the rabble led band

Now many years later when rabbles defy

The despots who rule them by force

We loftily claim that we won’t let them fly

But in the end stiff them of course

We laughed when the Chinks “paper tiger” did sneer

We knew that a wave of the fist

Would cause them to cower and quiver with fear

Not now, though, for now we insist

That lawyers determine when our guys can shoot

And Democrats want us to lose

And presidents say that the question is moot

We keep but the promise we choose


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