Stupidity Or Malice

Deciding whether Obama is acting out of stupidity or out of malice is a close call, but in close calls I believe we should lean toward that which would hurt us more. Stupidity is easier to cope with than malignant design, and therefore I am inclined to credit Obama and his administration with malignant design. Not even stupidity is stupid all the time, but malignant design is malignant all the time. Deliberately bringing Islamic terrorists into the country is not stupidity. Deliberately flooding the country with third world Mexicans in order to establish a permanent welfare dependent Progressive Left electoral majority is not stupidity. Obama promised to fundamentally change the country, and he has. This is not stupidity. The stupidity is all on those who voted for him.

Obama knows, the witches know
Just what they do and more
As surely as we know winds blow
Debris upon the shore
The scattered ashes of the lives
Obama has ensured
Will not be free if one survives
With life to be endured
Surrounded and commanded by
A folk not of our race
Strangers brought in on the sly
To rule and take our place
Stupidity is all about
And ignorance sublime
Yet with Obama there’s no doubt
Its malice every time

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