The Custodial State

Way back in ancient times, the 1970s, Marshall McLuhan said that the world, because of the reach of radio and television, was now a global village. Britain has now voted to leave the global village, and if we and the world are lucky, this rejection of the EU may result in the collapse and destruction of the global village. The global village of Marshall McLuhan soon turned into a Custodial State, where unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and DC decided how the people of once independent states were to live and die, where every aspect of the lives of a once free people were to be conducted. It would appear that the driving force behind the British exit from the EU was the demonstrable fact that the open borders policy of Brussels led to unlimited immigration by people who shared none of the traditional values of the British people, just as forcible immigration by Obama is the driving force of the American presidential election. The British people booted out the guardians of the Custodial State. And so will we come November.

Quis custodiet, said poet Juvenal of Rome
And who indeed will watch who watches us
Surveillance cameras everywhere, your television, home
Your cell phone tracks you riding on the bus
The Government is hidden from the simple folk like you
Their diktats come as silent as the breeze
Compliance comes as readily as slaves are wont to do
While guardian custodies do as please
The brave new world is here at last, the media full swoons
The Ministry of Truth would never lie
And so the world will never hear of darknesses at noon
And never hear the prison inmates cry
Volkischer Beobachter, Prava and the New York Times
Show glowing pictures of the Leader’s men
While never mentioning the murders and the other crimes
That go unnoticed time and time again
Ipsos custodies is the tag line of that ancient line
Yes, who will guard the guardians we hate
Just keep your nose clean, voices low, and all will be just fine
We love our lovely guardian sweet State

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