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Drunks, Fools, And The United States Of America

When the Iranians announced that on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution they would “Punch the world”, there was much speculation as to just what form the punch would take. Announce they had the bomb? A surprise nuclear attack on Israel? An attack on the US Navy in the Persian Gulf? An increase in the price of pistachios? No one knew. We now know the “Punch” was the announcement that they had enriched their uranium to 20%, a critical step, for the next step to 80% enrichment is a walk in the park compared to getting to the first 20%, and 80% is what they need to build a Hiroshima type bomb. I for one was unafraid, and remain so, for it has been truly said that God looks after drunks, fools and the United States of America.



‘Tis said that God looks after fools

And the United States

I surely hope He does and that we’re

Not left to the Fates

The danger to this country now

Comes swift on marching feet

Cronyism, soaring debt

The Middle East drum beat

The war to come, the slow sad smile

The teleprompter speech

That promises to meet them at

Each landing field and beach

Incompetence at every hand

Vile treason some would say

Mirandize terrorists who try

To kill us Christmas day

The radicals have shown their hand

The cult of Che and Mao

Are pushing their agenda hard

They have the votes for now

But come November they will find

That two can play at Fates

For God looks after drunks and fools

And the United States