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I’m Al Obama Bound

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday declared Al Franken the winner of the tightly contested 2008 Minnesota Senate election. Franken won by 312 votes out of 2.4 million votes cast. The election night returns gave the contest to the Republican incumbent, but the narrowness of the victory generated an automatic recount, and the Democrats brought in the man who stole the Washington state gubernatorial election for the Democrat loser a few years earlier by finding uncounted Democrat votes in desk drawers, and he succeeded in finding enough uncounted Franken votes in Democrat car trunks to overturn the election. And so Al Franken is now the junior senator from Minnesota. He will take his seat in the United States Senate in a few days, giving the Democrats a 60 seat filibuster proof supermajority, where they can pass any bill they want with total disregard for the wishes of anyone but themselves. Happily, Al will not be the only comedian on his side of the aisle, and was last heard singing that old ragtime song, I’m Alabama Bound, though with different words.



I’m Al Obama bound

They’ll be no filibusters while I’m hanging ‘round

Just gave the meanest ‘lection man on earth

All I’m worth,

Just to put my tootsies in a Senate berth

Just hear that gavel sound

You know that soon we’re gonna cover ground

And then we’ll pass all of Obama’s dreams

Crazy schemes

I’m Al Obama bound