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Under The Lenin Tree

What is the difference between socialism and fascism? Nothing, except perhaps who benefits. Socialism claims benefits for the minority, the immigrant, the disadvantaged, while fascism benefits the native-born and the workers. Europe has seen a shift in recent years from out and out socialist rule to European style right-of-center rule. Both are socialist in outlook, and both preside over a diminishing State and society, wracked by multi-culturalism, declining birth rates and rising Muslim immigration that threatens the very existence of European society and culture dating back thousands of years. The soft socialism of the European Left is gradually giving way to the soft socialism of the European Right, the Fascists. In Britain the British Nationalist Party is in the way of winning the next election and seizing control of the British government, precisely because they are telling the indigenous British people that bending the knee to Islam at the expense of the common British working man is at an end. The BNP do not propose an end to the British socialist State, only the return of the benefits to the native-born. The problem for Europe is that the demise of soft socialism/fascism leads inevitably to the rise of hard fascism as people become increasingly aware that soft socialism/fascism has no answers to the problems of unassimilated Islamic immigrants, declining birthrates and increasing joblessness. Of course, we have seen this all before. Russia is already a hard fascist State, and the clock is ticking for the rest of Europe. The lesson should not be lost on us, as the United States stands at a crossroads, having elected a president who is determined to take the country down the path to European style soft socialism. Should he succeed, history has shown the future – democracy to socialism to authoritarianism. It’s our choice.



Ah there, my friend, come rest with me

Under the flowering Lenin tree

We’ve room for many more on yonder hill

They’re waiting for us, all my friends

Those cheery men whose very ends

Bespoke the very nature of the will

That’s it, my friend, just fall in line

Please follow me and you’ll be fine

A few more steps and you shall see the tree

And under it a few good men

Just waiting for the right time when

They’ll walk the earth again to set men free

Yes free from bourgeois thoughts and dreams

And free from priests and all their schemes

The freedom to be you and yours alone

The freedom to lead fruitful lives

With great rewards for he who strives

And in the end the State a bare dry bone

Ah here we are, Adolf you know

And Josef here will kindly show

How people of your sort can gain control

Of states that worship not their God

Dismissing Him with just a nod

While claiming there’s no such thing as a soul

I’m Vladimir sir, by the way

And I am pleased to hear you say

That state control can only set men free

That’s something we have said for years

It seems enough to calm most fears

Come sit beside me ‘neath the Lenin tree