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Roach Motel

We all remember that old commercial about the roach motel, where the roaches check in but they never check out. Islam is the same. Apostasy is punishable by death. Once a muslim, always a muslim, so sayeth the Holy Quran. Which brings us to President Obama, who was born muslim, raised muslim, and now says he is an apostate, having renounced Islam and converted to Christianity. Luckily for Obama the muslims regard him as muslim still, and one of their own. Had the muslims thought otherwise the president would have been paid a visit by someone guided by holy writ.



The turbaned iman said come in

His swarthy features wreathed in grin

We welcome you to paradise

Come join with all the gals and guys

Who have accepted Allah’s will

Whose words in heathens quite instill

The fear that God will strike them down

As noble Atta struck the crown

Of western arrogance and greed

Oh how I love to see them bleed

What’s that you say, you’ve changed your mind

I do not mean to be unkind

But once a Muslim always so

In truth you have nowhere to go

For Allah says that we must slay

All those who do not choose to stay

With great regret then you must die

For we were friends sir you and I

But we must bend to Allah’s will

In death you will be Muslim still



Thoughtful And Civil

Irving Kristol, a left wing apostate and founder of the conservative neo-con movement, died recently at age 89. A columnist, journalist, writer and thinker, Irving Kristol has been called by some the most consequential public figure of the latter half of the 20th century. Naturally, immediately upon his death the radical left did what they do best. They celebrated. The left wing internet ran post after post of hateful, hate-filled rants, hurling excrement upon the still warm body of a man they hated. And why did they hate him? They hated him because he was once one of them, a communist sympathizer, a Trotskyist, a radical leftist, and he did the unthinkable. He ceased being a radical left liberal and devoted his life to the promotion of conservative causes and conservative thought, and apostasy is something the radical left cannot abide. But it’s all right. Mr. Kristol is beyond their reach, and always has been. Mr. Kristol is gone, but his ideas and ideals live on. Not so the ideas and ideals of the lunatic ranting left. The following is a letter received from one of those left-wingers, complaining of being misunderstood.      



You’ve printed my letter to Washington Post

Describing my glee at demise

Of one of the people I despise the most

And act with a so feigned surprise

That I could have written a scurrilous screed

About one so recently dead

Forgetting that he was the planter of seed

That led to George Bush, enough said

I strongly object to the way I’m portrayed

By radical right-wingnut commenters

Repelled by the sheer lack of grace that’s displayed

By racist and hate filled fomenters

And while I’m consumed by emotions of hate

And sniff at my opposite number

It’s you on the right who befoul the debate

With likes of that creep Joe the Plumber

And Sarah the Palin my god what a dope

And evil George Bush the destroyer

Of everything good in this country of hope

Including my Acorn employer

Thank goodness for people like Nancy and O

We need their firm guidance to lead us

And as I recoil from the stink of our foe

I thank god we’ve hatred to feed us

Those motherless bastards who sit on the right

Those divers of cesspool corruption

Deserve to be spit on till they see the light

And cheer on Obama’s eruption

Like burst on the scene to renew all our dreams

Of what our fair country could be

And when he is through everyone so it seems

Will be thoughtful and civil like me