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Roach Motel

We all remember that old commercial about the roach motel, where the roaches check in but they never check out. Islam is the same. Apostasy is punishable by death. Once a muslim, always a muslim, so sayeth the Holy Quran. Which brings us to President Obama, who was born muslim, raised muslim, and now says he is an apostate, having renounced Islam and converted to Christianity. Luckily for Obama the muslims regard him as muslim still, and one of their own. Had the muslims thought otherwise the president would have been paid a visit by someone guided by holy writ.



The turbaned iman said come in

His swarthy features wreathed in grin

We welcome you to paradise

Come join with all the gals and guys

Who have accepted Allah’s will

Whose words in heathens quite instill

The fear that God will strike them down

As noble Atta struck the crown

Of western arrogance and greed

Oh how I love to see them bleed

What’s that you say, you’ve changed your mind

I do not mean to be unkind

But once a Muslim always so

In truth you have nowhere to go

For Allah says that we must slay

All those who do not choose to stay

With great regret then you must die

For we were friends sir you and I

But we must bend to Allah’s will

In death you will be Muslim still