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Who Ya Workin’ For?

There is much chatter in the Arab world that Wikileaks is an American disinformation project. Could Assange be a front for the US government? I don’t believe so. We don’t do that sort of thing very well. But the Brits do. Remember Garbo and The Man Who Never Was? You will recall Assange is Australian, and looks, acts and talks like a guy who would’ve fit right in with the chaps at Bletchley Park or wherever it was James Bond and his pals at MI-6 hung out. No, if Assange is a game being played by the United States, it is being sub-contracted to the Brits.



A German agent planted near

Old Blighty’s threatened shore

With British pistol in his ear

Switched sides and won the war

There was a man who never was

And spoiled the German’s game

We have a man who never was

And Barack is his name

And so we have this Assange guy

And we’re led to believe

A pfc on his first try

With nothing up his sleeve

Downloads a quarter million docs

On Lady Ga-Ga stick

Despite the secrets behind locks

The theft was mighty slick

Where was our Garbo all this time

Did outrage assay forth

From White House on this horrid crime

Did Garbo alter courth?

Of course the man who never was

And Garbo are the same

He speaketh not of Assange’s deed

And Barack is his name



He Smarter

The data dump by Wikileaks shows the utter incompetence of the Obama administration. They had the traitor who downloaded the stuff for seven months, and can’t seem to stop Assange from releasing the files. It has evidently never occurred to the geniuses in the White House that after the Defense Department file dump in the Spring that they could issue an arrest warrant for him, charging espionage or something, and request extradition from Australia. They knew he had this stuff and would release it, and did nothing to try to stop him. Barack Obama believes he is the smartest guy in every room, even the ones he isn’t in. How does he know this? Because all his life everyone has told him so. And now hope and change means we hope it all gets changed in 2012. In the meantime, he is destroying the country both at home and abroad. The smartest guy in the room? Only when he’s alone.



There be no smarter man than he

He much smarter than you and me

He show the world how smart he be


A Stalin portrait on his wall

When but a child and very small

He follows now his mommy’s call


He worked not but with silver tongue

He climbed the ladder rung by rung

And one day saw his banner hung


The two short years he’s been around

He drove us right into the ground

That was his plan as we have found


In every room he is the one

He think he greater than the sun

But soon he will be one and done