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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who attracted little attention until he stumbled on the anti-American line so popular with the global Left, is now under house arrest in Britain, holing up in the mansion of a leftist friend, the sort of friends Assange is at pains now to disavow, and they him, for his days of usefulness to the Left are drawing to a close. His Swedish paramour, a lefty who offered him her apartment and her bed, which he accepted, and who is now charging him with rape, under the leftist reasoning that anything a Lefty woman says is rape is by definition rape, even if she not only consented to the sex but initiated it. And so Assange finds himself on the outside looking in, his sometime Lefty friends no longer caring for him as much as they once did.   



Sverige’s mostly cold and dreary

Drinkers’ eyes bright red and bleary

Women’s  dreams both sharp and eerie

Baltic winter blues

Into this place Assange did wander

A woman who was more than fonder

Now leaves him with so much to ponder

Now with much to lose

Found his anti-Yank work paid more

Found his anti-Yank work made more

Friends and women who now laid more

Flowers on his shoes

Is there now a further story

Is there more to Assange’s glory

Where is now his Swedish houri

Now that he’s old news


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A Khyber Pass

Pakistani papers recently were aflame with the story, attributed to secret documents revealed by Wikileaks, that the United States was colluding with India to commit genocide against Pakistani citizens in Kashmir. When the report was revealed to be a hoax, the Pakis instantly accused the West of conspiracy. But it was just a joke.



A joke played on the Paki?

How very, very tacky

For Pokkeeston’s so young, but just a stripling

Would you play a joke on Kim?

If you do, then sing a hymn

To that master of the Khyber, Rudyard Kipling

Or as Sherlock used to say

Rushing Watson to the shay

The game’s afoot, old fellow, let’s be off

Well that was then and this is now

And I say, if you’ll allow

They were better off when ruled by some Brit toff

They claim God himself did task it

Bid them build the biggest casket

Large enough to take all infidel to hell

If it works, don’t say it’s whacky

We will all be then in Paki

And be spilling into ‘Ganistan as well

I know Pakistan is nuclear

And while nothing could be spooklier

I can’t see them setting off some critical mass

I’m inclined to take for granted

They know Wikileaks was planted

And so I give the Paks a Khyber pass



Who Ya Workin’ For?

There is much chatter in the Arab world that Wikileaks is an American disinformation project. Could Assange be a front for the US government? I don’t believe so. We don’t do that sort of thing very well. But the Brits do. Remember Garbo and The Man Who Never Was? You will recall Assange is Australian, and looks, acts and talks like a guy who would’ve fit right in with the chaps at Bletchley Park or wherever it was James Bond and his pals at MI-6 hung out. No, if Assange is a game being played by the United States, it is being sub-contracted to the Brits.



A German agent planted near

Old Blighty’s threatened shore

With British pistol in his ear

Switched sides and won the war

There was a man who never was

And spoiled the German’s game

We have a man who never was

And Barack is his name

And so we have this Assange guy

And we’re led to believe

A pfc on his first try

With nothing up his sleeve

Downloads a quarter million docs

On Lady Ga-Ga stick

Despite the secrets behind locks

The theft was mighty slick

Where was our Garbo all this time

Did outrage assay forth

From White House on this horrid crime

Did Garbo alter courth?

Of course the man who never was

And Garbo are the same

He speaketh not of Assange’s deed

And Barack is his name