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A Marvelous Opportunity

The London Times reports that Ludwig Minelli, owner of a Swiss assisted suicide clinic, who describes death as a marvelous opportunity, has been investigated by the authorities regarding irregular financial profiting.



A marvelous opportunity, sir

He said with a winsome smile

With that I’m sure you will concur

Since we’re here but little while

So why not take the chance to find

Some peace and quiet now

Your troubles we can help unwind

We’ll smooth your troubled brow

This contract tells you what you get

We urge you read each line

For surely you’d not want to fret

That things were not condign

The Power of Attorney sir

A bit of legalese

That I am sure will not deter

Your wish to be at ease

Ah there we are, our task is done

Please lie down on this couch

The needle now, it’s only one

There’s never any ouch

The peace of death be unto you

We know your life’s a wreck

Goodbye dear friend, and toodle-oo

And thank you for the check