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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has just announced he will accept a Palestinian state so long as that state accepts the existence of Israel as the Jewish homeland. I believe this to be the last act of the drama. Bibi is playing the last peace card. If the Palestinians reject the offer, then Bibi has tried. And we all know the Palestinians have consistently chosen to do the wrong thing. The Middle East is about to go up. Newly re-elected Iranian President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly stated nothing could stop Iran from acquiring the bomb, and has scornfully rejected direct talks with the United States, challenging President Obama to debate him in the United Nations. Bibi Netanyahu has told President Obama he will defend his country by direct and unilateral action, despite the firm request by the President that he do nothing of the sort. The nuclear test just recently conducted by North Korea is suspected to be an Iranian bomb. Israel cannot wait much longer. Israeli military power is to the Middle East as American power is to the world at large. President Roosevelt once said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The only thing the Iranians, the Palestinians and the Middle East in general have to fear is Bibi.



Bibi is a Philly guy and so, my friends, am I

So I know how us Philly guys react to threats and such

When mullahs promise death to Jews will come from out the sky

A guy like Bibi smiles but man can only take so much

We know cannon fire grapeshot but they seldom fire BBs

Bibi fires cannon though, ‘cause that’s what Bibi does

If smoothbore 18 pounders give the mullahs heebie jeebies

Then you just wait till Bibi’s F-15s give them a buzz

Bibi isn’t waiting for the US or the UN

To give him full permission to defend his home and hearth

He’ll hit the mullahs first before they put his land in ruin

He’ll show them what it means to have your land become scorched earth

The calendar is winding down relentlessly toward summer

And while the Phils and Cards and Yanks are playing out the game

The Mossad guys and IAF are planning on a bummer

That after which downtown Teheran will never be the same

The guys in beards and turbans think they’ve got us by the shorties

They don’t see Armageddon though you’d really think they should

The IAF is coming and they’re not in old P-40s

The mullahs better get out while the Arma gettin’s good