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London Riots

The London riots are about race, though we are not permitted to say it, or even think it. But the rioters know it’s about race. They trumpet it. No, the Establishment Left would have you believe the riots are about cutting services and unemployment among the deserving poor. In Britain, the nanny state has seen its policies come home to roost, and not for the first time. Blacks riot, loot and rampage through the streets of British cities knowing the unarmed police pose no threat to their activities. They loot and burn down stores and homes knowing the disarmed citizens have no way of stopping them, and knowing also, from past experience, that if a citizen uses force on someone intent on killing him that the citizen will be prosecuted by the law. But there is no law, the Left has seen to that. But if it gets bad enough, then there will be law, the law of the jungle. Napoleon understood what was necessary to quiet a mob: a whiff of grapeshot. Perhaps not in England, but the same is coming to our third world cities when the money stops.



The sins of the socialists come home to roost

The goddess of chaos lives still

In their long held belief in the power of guilt

To hold those in thrall to its will

Creating beholders to state run largesse

Gives birth to resentment and rage

A triggering spark is but all that it takes

To loosen the bars on the cage

So now there is nothing the state may command

The mob runs amok mouth agape

Unknowing, uncaring that soon they will face

The scent of the first whiff of grape

Perhaps not in England, they’re far down the path

But trouble is coming our way

As profligate spending is bringing us down

And welfare gets its cut in pay

Our cities are third world, dependent on those

Who work but keep little they earn

So when Santa Claus has to tighten his belt

Our cities will then start to burn

The very same people once burned them before

See Detroit for what lies in store

In Philly the flash mobs run wild in the streets

And pretty soon it will be war

Between those who think they can burn us all down

And loot and just take what they will

But sooner or later white people with guns

Will say stop or we’re shooting to kill


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